Monday, October 17, 2011

Design A Cuisine Newsletter (September - October 2011)

A Special Message From The Editor 

As Singapore’s leading holistic food consultancy, Design A Cuisine works to demonstrate the value of cooking with holistic principles.  The result: food unsurpassed in taste and health properties.

Over the past month, Design A Cuisine furthered its community service credentials by continuing its Asian health revolution via media outreach and via informative lectures at The Rotary Club (Singapore) and The British Club, Singapore.

These efforts continue to give us recognition in the Asian gourmet scene. Our Chef Yogesh was featured in an Indian lifestyle magazine discussing Design A Cuisine’s food philosophy, experiences with his Guru, Sri Sri Poonamji (, as well as a lip smacking beetroot, radish and carrot salad recipe.

Design A Cuisine was also delighted to collaborate with the British Club, Singapore for the first ever Colours of India Festival 2011, an event that received rave reviews for its programme and food.  Its participants included celebrities, diplomatic dignitaries and members of the British Club.

We also catered for a Canadian Chamber of Commerce networking annual event held at the Official Residence of the Canadian High Commissioner, His Excellency David Sevigny.

It’s been an eventful month and we appreciate the response to our One-Year Anniversary Issue.  The winner of a free holistic cooking class will be announced in next month’s newsletter!

Please stay in touch.  Your support is much appreciated as we grow in the venture, helping more diners eat the healthiest, tastiest, and most sustainable food on the planet!

Love and Light,
The Editor

Design A Cuisine in the media

Food & Nightlife Magazine, India

Chef Yogesh speaks candidly about his food philosophy, the origins of Design A Cuisine and his awe-inspiring experiences with his Guru, Sri Sri Poonamji, whom he lovingly calls “Guruji.” He also shares a simple but delightful carrot, radish and beetroot salad, which serves as a crunchy, zesty appetiser.

Further details here.
We'd like to also share with you a delicious Pineapple Chutney recipe, published in the Maple Leaf Times, Singapore

Recipes from Chef Yogesh can be read each month in the Maple Leaf Times, the leading Canadian expatriate magazine in Singapore.

Further details here:
Design A Cuisine to appear on Angel’s Gate television show

Pitching to Angel Investors on Asia’s first ever reality television show for entrepreneurs, Design A Cuisine will present its concept an idea to an esteemed panel of judges.  These include Dr. Finian Tan (Chairman of Vickers Venture Fund), Mr. William Klippgen (Executive Director of BAF Spectrum), Mr. Sat Pal Khattar (Chairman of Khattar Holdings), Mr. Karan Singh Thakral (Managing Director of Thakral Group) and Mr. Patrick Grove (Founder of Catcha Group).

Design A Cuisine at The British Club, Singapore

Design A Cuisine was delighted to work with the outstanding team and members at the British Club, Singapore for the first ever Colours of India Festival.  There was much on display at a festival of fine food, wine, Bollywood dance and song.

The World of Wines with the Best of Indian Cuisine

Standing from left to right: British Club’s General Manager Sean Boyle, Indian High Commissioner, His Excellency T.C.A. Raghavan and wife, Design A Cuisine’s Chef Yogesh, British Club’s President Shaun Matheson, British High Commissioner, His Excellency Antony Phillipson and wife, as well as British Club team.

Chef Yogesh treated diners to an event pairing wines with Indian cuisine. The event was graced by the British High Commissioner, His Excellency Antony Phillipson and Indian High Commissioner, His Excellency T. C. A. Raghavan. Also attending was Moses Lim who starred in popular Singaporean sitcom, “Under One Roof.” 

Further details at here.

Colours of Culinary and Fashion
Chef Yogesh  conducting a food demonstration during the lunch

The Colours of India Festival 2011 included a Ladies’ Lunch, during which British Club members and guests were treated to a delightful three course lunch and food demonstration by Chef Yogesh. Further details at here:

Eat Your Way to Success
Chef Yogesh with some of the attendees

Chef Yogesh’s talk, entitled “Eat Your Way to Success,” was a discussion around food’s influence on mental clarity, personal and professional success. Further details at here:

Colours of Bollywood Gala Dinner
The British Club General Manager, Sean Boyle and Chef Yogesh

The Colours of India Festival 2011 was capped by Bollywood-themed gala dinner at The British Club. Together with Design A Cuisine holistic food creations, the gala included a vibrant dance performance, a Bollywood fashion show, and closing address by the British Club General Manager Sean Boyle. Further details at:

Chef Yogesh talks to members of The Rotary Club, Singapore

Chef Yogesh receiving a token of appreciation from the Executive Committee of Rotary Club
Chef Yogesh was invited to speak to Rotary Club members at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Singapore. He spoke about healing cuisine, the vibrational frequency of food and how to improve one’s life through eating correct foods. The Chef received an award from the Rotary Club Executive Committee. Further details available at:

Catering for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
With Canadian High Commissioner, His Excellency David Sevigny
Design A Cuisine was invited to cater for the annual Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore “Back to Business” event, held at the Official Residence of the Canadian High Commissioner, His Excellency David Sevigny. It was a wonderful evening with the various Canadian expat groups represented.  Details at//

Get Involved

Design A Cuisine welcomes support from anyone with an interest in food and its healing properties.  We are particularly interested in writers, photographers, food stylists and graphic designers.

If you would like to assist, wherever in the world you may be, please let us know.  We welcome all talents to join the Design A Cuisine family to make our world a better place, one plate at a time!

Contact Us

We welcome visitors and cooking class participants to our studio kitchen in Singapore.

You may also call or email us anytime with questions about holistic food, catering, cooking classes and food demonstrations.  Phone us at +65 9385 8477 or email at

Thank you for your continued support,
The Design A Cuisine Team, Singapore

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Design A Cuisine to be on Angel's Gate 2011

Design A Cuisine is thrilled to share that, through Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji's 
( grace, Design A Cuisine will be featured on Angel's Gate (, a TV show that provides entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their business ideas to a distinguished panel made up of top business leaders consisting of Karan Singh Thakral,William Klippgen,Dr Finian Tan, Patrick Grove, Ken Mandel and Satpal Khattar.

Yesterday was the first round of competition filmed at Capitol Tower,Singapore and Design A Cuisine was selected to go into second round of the competition.

Here you see Chef Yogesh outside the Capitol Tower building all smiles after being told by the judge that we got through to second round.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Design A Cuisine's recipe published in Maple Leaf Times, magazine for Canadians in Singapore

Design A Cuisine's Chef Yogesh Arora has been featured in Maple Leaf Times this month. He shares a refreshing appetizer recipe, a very simple pineapple chutney that's best eaten alongside mains to enhance taste. In addition, the dish has been boosted with pineapples and raw sugar that assist in digestion.

Article as follows:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Design A Cuisine Buffets @ The British Club, Singapore

Design A Cuisine served up a range of buffets during the Colours of India festival at The British Club, Singapore. Chef Yogesh served up an array of holistic food fit for royalty through a Buffet dinner featuring holistic cuisine and spices, cuisine for the Maharajas brunch as well as the best of Punjab brunch. It was Indian food galore, and Chef Yogesh provided a feast for the senses through his holistic, healthy twists on classic Indian dishes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eat Your Way to Success, a health talk by Chef Yogesh @ The British Club, Singapore

After serving up an array of tongue tickling healing, pleasing cuisine, Design A Cuisine's providing some food for thought! 

As part of the Colours of India festival 2011 at The British Club, Chef Yogesh wowed patrons by sharing how they could eat to success! His talk entitled Eat Your Way to Success told awes listeners exactly that and enlightened them on raising their vibrational frequency through proper food choices. This was an exciting speaking event in which Chef Yogesh was able to bring the message of healing one's self through food to a wide audience and inspire them to make simple positive changes in their lives.

Chef Yogesh with listeners

Canadian Chamber of Commerce event @ Canadian High Commissioner's residence

Design A Cuisine was invited to cater for a Canadian Chamber of Commerce event that was held at the official residence of Canadian High Commissioner, His Excellency David Sevigny. Design A Cuisine's healthy, holistic creations were appreciated and lauded by guests. His Excellency David Sevigny congratulated Chef Yogesh for whipping up such uniquely flavoured cuisine that His Excellency declared one of the best caterings he had ever tasted. 

Photos as follows:

Chef Yogesh with Canadian High Commissioner His Excellency David Sevigny

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Design A Cuisine's Gala Dinner @ The British Club, Singapore

The British Club's Colours of India festival 2011 was capped with an eventful gala dinner last Friday, 30th September 2011. Design A Cuisine's Consultant Chef, Yogesh Arora served up a multi-course menu featuring some healing delights that included his signature potato patties, an rainbow array of chutneys, assorted traditional mains like aloo gobi and paneer with a holistic, healing twist, as well as a spread of light Indian desserts ranging from pumpkin halwa to pistachio kheer.

It was an entertaining night filled with Indian music, dance, fashions shows and what now! Chef Yogesh shared his delight at having had an absolute ball at the club and expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards General Manager Sean Boyle whose vision made this festival possible.

Photos as follows:

Potato Patties served with chutneys