Saturday, December 22, 2012

Design A Cuisine for Viva Fit

We were so delighted to visit Viva Fit and talk about...Food!

So many people every where are waiting for the a solution to their health and diet - a secret somewhere that is to be revealed about food, but have not found the answer to it.

A common misconception that we often come across is that majority think if they lose weight they will become happy, and the reason they are unhappy is because they are weigh more than their goal weight.

Rest assured the answer to your health and diet is not to lose weight, but to eat the right food that gives the right vibratory frequency. Once you come to love yourself and your body in totality - and that doesn't mean loads of exercise, loads of protein shakes and bars, and eliminating carbs from your diet - you will actually feel the difference in your body, mind, and soul.

At Viva Fit, they truly care about not just your body, but your well-being as a whole. Our visit was definitely very pleasant

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Business Times Weekend

We were just featured in The Business Times Weekend just last week!

Our Consultant Chef, Yogesh Arora had said that “SMEs are well positioned to take over some of the government-led operations, but there needs to be more collaboration on the part of the government to work with smaller firms.” 

Although, we don't just do consultancy services for the hospitality industry:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Design A Cuisine on Taste eMagazine

This month, we were featured in Taste eMagazine

Tida from Taste  had called us in utmost excitement, and to our own surprise, we were just planning to make Gulab Jamun on that day. Taste is an online gourmet food publication by the the famous boutique caterer Purple Sage and their marketing team. They had contacted us saying that the issue will feature festive desserts made by chefs from around the world! 

As it was a monthly newsletter cum eMagazine, Taste is not your usual food publication, but a shorter and sweeter one, featuring the passionate people behind the interesting food joints around Singapore. Every month they also feature an event of their own the show cases their food and d├ęcor.

In this interview, we had freshly rolled some fresh gulap jamun for frying and dipping into the raw sugar syrup, infused by cardamom. The simple ingredients involve milk powder (what makes the gulap jamun super tasty and tender), a little bit of white flour, ghee for deep frying the mini pancake/doughnut balls, raw sugar and cardamom. 

It is something that once you get the hang of it, a simple and decadent dessert is only less than an hour away. 

The Taste team loved and it and said it was the best they've had! On the outside we were really pleased, but on the inside, we were jumping up and down ecstatically!

Happy Reading. 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Time Flies Like a G6

Wow, time flies. It has been eight months since we last blogged!

Apologies for our negligence of this page - we have been so busy coming up with fresh new ideas for the better well-being of humankind and we have truly forgotten to share all the amazing experiences with you.

Starting off with our Founder, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji's Birthday in July, here is a blog post that updates you with what we have been up to since March. We truly hope you are enjoying the beautiful journey of life as much as we are enjoying ours!

13 July 2012

On July the 13th, we celebrated Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji's 52nd birthday, our true teacher (Guru) of real love, compassion, and gratitude. 

Guruji brought the bliss and joy into our lives through her love and compassion, with teachings from the heart that truly changed us. With the abundance that comes with a healthy lifestyle, Guruji allows us to truly connect to who we are inside, especially when we are what we eat, we embark on this pursuit as Guruji guides us with her wisdom of food, their healing properties, and how they affect our every thought. 

For Guruji, the Design A Cuisine is here today. Thank you Guruji. We love you!

Flashback to March 2012

The New Asia Cuisine and Wine Scene Magazine

The good people from The New Asia Cuisine and Wine Scene Magazine dropped by for a quick taste of our food

Chef Yogesh whipping up a dish of arbi (taro root) 

Garnishing the dish with fresh thyme leaves from our backyard

A dish of sauteed taro root with fresh thyme, coriander, thymol seeds, jazzed up with some chilli. The pure ghee (clarified butter) used really brought out the fresh fragrance of the dish. 

The leading magazine for culinary professionals was released in March. 

April 2012

Food and Hotel Asia 2012 (FHA)

We were here back in April. As Chef Yogesh was invited to speak at the conference where eminent experts around the world discussed their ideas and concerns about the future of the hospitality industry, we took the time to walk around FHA. 

Expo was abundant with food and cooking equipments. It was great fun seeing and trying all the vegetarian options that they had. We also bumped into Chef Andreas, a great friend of ours who used to work as the executive chef at a well-known breakfast restaurant at Mandarin Gallery. He was representing Classic Fine Foods that day. 

Preparing some kind of an artichoke dish and another creamy dish with cheese on top (some kind of a gratin) waiting to be baked, he greeted us with a warm smile. That was not the highlight of our encounter with him though, because as soon as he saw us he immediately mentioned a buffalo mozzarella dish that he was going to bring out. This good friend of ours is known in the circle to have an extraordinary talent for talking about food. We tell you.. every time he talks about actually cooking something for us, he describes it in a way that makes the desire for culinary indulgences in us churn like nobody's business!

Here is the creamy mozzarella dish with extra virgin olive oil caviar Chef Andreas brought out for us. The olive oil caviar is a kind of molecular gastronomy - letting you enjoy the luscious flavors of the oil in a caviar like form that pops in your mouth as you eat it. 

The exotic salts that we love - Blue Persian salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Salt, and so many more..

Some cheeses at Classic Fine Foods

We came across a lot of gelato suppliers. We are not a fan of ready-made milk mixtures, like these gelato ones that are mass-produced. But we have to admit that they are much more flavorful than the ones you get in town! Must have been the generous amount that they'd whip up just for the FHA. 

Something pink that fascinated us - Pink maraschino cherries! We prefer this over the overly dyed red or green ones to be honest. 

August 2012

Philips Juicer 

We had a quick catch up with the Executive Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Rohan Belliapa and Jeffrey Tjendra, the brain (or formally the Innovation Consultant) of NBDA - New Business Development Asia. Jeffrey is back in Toronto, Canada now. 

Why the random catch up? Our team had just gotten a new Philips Juicer that is amazingly powerful, and so did Rohan! Our meet-up was supposed to be just tea, but we got excited and went vegetable and fruit shopping shortly after. 

Grocery shopping is probably one of the things we really enjoy. The smell of crisp apples and ice cold greens in the chiller - seeing vibrant fruits and vegetables newly in season. Not to mention with unexpected company like Rohan and Jeffrey.

And so we proceeded to actually making the juice at Rohan's kitchen just nearby. Green apples, celery, carrots and cucumber. Green is definitely the new black. 

October 2012

One of our team members had just flown back to Taiwan for a quick visit. She sends us a picture of the humongous avocados there. 

They were the size of a normal-sized papaya! She also brought back two that probably made us 4-5 servings of guacamole! 

Visiting her family and friends also means a lot of non-vegetarian food. But amazingly enough, because Taiwan has so many Buddhist vegetarians, the country has a very vast vegetarian crowd. Check this one out - a vegetarian 7-course meal at a steak house!

She also shares with us her vegetarian porridge breakfast. A typical Taiwanese style with pickles, tofu in sweet soy sauce, seaweed, greens and mock meat (although we both agreed mock meat is not ideal, it was delicious rather delicious she said). 

September 2012

4th International Singapore Compact CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Summit

Invited by the Canadian Chamber of commerce, we attended the conference that was themed around Trends, Threats, and Opportunities of CSR. The event talked their core values, focusing on the aspects of sustainability - the social, environment and business  impacts.

The topics of ways to stay green and go green were really refreshing - something we will hear more and more of in the future as the world starts to make efforts into maintaining the beauty of Mother Earth. 

Chef Yogesh catching up with Rohan Belliappa, 

November 2012 

Asian Masters Cooking Demonstration at Great World City

Chef Yogesh was once again invited as one of the celebrity chefs to show case his cooking demonstrations at the Asian Masters event. 

Using Naturel's products, Chef Yogesh cooked using organic ingredients like brown rice and extra virgin olive oil. 

As rare as healthy recipes and cooking demonstrations are, not to mention vegetarian, the recipes were very well received! It's probably one of our driving forces, second to the love and support of Guruji, to spread love for one's self through the beautiful tastes of food and revive humankind's wellbeing. 

There is this common misconception that vegetarians are rabbits and eat only salads. We say, let them try our Kheer (Indian rice dessert cooked in fresh whole milk and raw sugar) and let it charm you:) 

For recipes used at Asian Masters, do leave a comment!

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

As Chef Yogesh was the guest teacher last Friday, we were there to enjoy the amazing facilities of the institute, and of course, how well the students would make Indian breads (chipati and naan). 

We had it for lunch afterwards alongside the buffet line that was so lovely, we're almost envious of the students there - brie, berries compote, mashed potato, and dark chocolate truffles to end it off. 

 Atta dough and bright smiles. The students at At-Sunrice were very bright and lovely! One of the other perks is to be able to touch lives through cooking the food that we love.

Till our next post. 

- The Design A Cuisine Team

Monday, March 5, 2012

Design A Cuisine on Angels' Gate

Design A Cuisine's Chef Yogesh served Angels some soul food on Angels' Gate, an investment show that's similar to Sharks' Tank (UK) and Dragons' Den (Canada) with an Asian flair. Participants get to pitch their business idea or start-up to Angels who may decide to invest in them in exchange for equity! The show features a panel of Asia's top investors, Karan Sigh Thakral, Ken Mandel, Patrick Grove and William Klippgen. 

For more info on the show:

Chef Yogesh also pitched our idea to the Angels here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design A Cuisine at Singapore Polytechnic, 16 January 2012

Design A Cuisine's Yogesh Arora was invited to give a lecture on the importance and benefits of healthy eating to food loving youths at Singapore Polytechnic on 16th January 2012. He touched on the correlation between food and our consciousness, etc.

It was an enlightening session for the young students who felt the need to make wiser food choices for better lifestyles.

Photos as follows:

with Polytechnic students

Chef Yogesh at At-sunrice Global Chef Academy, Singapore (Dec 2011)

Apart from whipping up holistic cuisine, Design A Cuisine delights in sharing the knowledge on healthy cuisine with young chefs that they maybe empowered to make a healthier change for a better lifestyle.

As such, Chef Yogesh was invited to share with young, upcoming chefs At-sunrice Global Chef Academy in Singapore on the benefits of holistic cuisine and methods to whip up healthy Indian meals.

Photos as follows:

3 Day Workshop on Holistic Living (5 - 7 Dec 2011)

Design A Cuisine aims to reach out to individuals with an interest in healing through holistic living. Thus, Chef Yogesh Arora was invited to share his expertise on healing cuisine during a 3 day workshop in December 2011 at Pierce Hill.

Chef Yogesh taught around 20 attendees on the basics of an Ayurvedic diet, healing through the use of fresh and spices and also touched on the vibrational frequency of various foods. He also proved to attendees the ease of whipping healthy, holistic meals at home through food demonstrations where he whipped up a range of chutneys that were ideal for digestion, cleansing salads and other holistic cuisine.

Attendees felt glad to be part of such an enlightening session and felt confident to apply what they had learnt in their own kitchens.

Photos as follows:

Smiles all around

Design A Cuisine @ Asian Masters, Nov 2011

Asian Masters is an annual ritzy event with the aim to showcase only the creme de la creme of Asian cuisine! It's a month long festival held in Singapore, touted as Asia's food Mecca. The main highlights range from food tastings to masterclasses with renowned Asian chefs.

Design A Cuisine was invited to participate during Asian Masters in November 2011. Chef Yogesh conducted a masterclass presented by Naturel during which he taught an audience of around 30 to whip up two types of pasta dishes with a healthy, holistic punch through the use of spices and herbs. It was pasta like none other, and the aromas of the sauces wafting from the pots tantalized those present! Chef Yogesh also gave this traditional Italian dish an Indian flavor and used an array of Naturel products ranging from pastas to freshly bottled sauces.

Photos as follows:

Using Naturel pasta

The rapt audience

Eat me!