Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design A Cuisine at Singapore Polytechnic, 16 January 2012

Design A Cuisine's Yogesh Arora was invited to give a lecture on the importance and benefits of healthy eating to food loving youths at Singapore Polytechnic on 16th January 2012. He touched on the correlation between food and our consciousness, etc.

It was an enlightening session for the young students who felt the need to make wiser food choices for better lifestyles.

Photos as follows:

with Polytechnic students

Chef Yogesh at At-sunrice Global Chef Academy, Singapore (Dec 2011)

Apart from whipping up holistic cuisine, Design A Cuisine delights in sharing the knowledge on healthy cuisine with young chefs that they maybe empowered to make a healthier change for a better lifestyle.

As such, Chef Yogesh was invited to share with young, upcoming chefs At-sunrice Global Chef Academy in Singapore on the benefits of holistic cuisine and methods to whip up healthy Indian meals.

Photos as follows:

3 Day Workshop on Holistic Living (5 - 7 Dec 2011)

Design A Cuisine aims to reach out to individuals with an interest in healing through holistic living. Thus, Chef Yogesh Arora was invited to share his expertise on healing cuisine during a 3 day workshop in December 2011 at Pierce Hill.

Chef Yogesh taught around 20 attendees on the basics of an Ayurvedic diet, healing through the use of fresh and spices and also touched on the vibrational frequency of various foods. He also proved to attendees the ease of whipping healthy, holistic meals at home through food demonstrations where he whipped up a range of chutneys that were ideal for digestion, cleansing salads and other holistic cuisine.

Attendees felt glad to be part of such an enlightening session and felt confident to apply what they had learnt in their own kitchens.

Photos as follows:

Smiles all around

Design A Cuisine @ Asian Masters, Nov 2011

Asian Masters is an annual ritzy event with the aim to showcase only the creme de la creme of Asian cuisine! It's a month long festival held in Singapore, touted as Asia's food Mecca. The main highlights range from food tastings to masterclasses with renowned Asian chefs.

Design A Cuisine was invited to participate during Asian Masters in November 2011. Chef Yogesh conducted a masterclass presented by Naturel during which he taught an audience of around 30 to whip up two types of pasta dishes with a healthy, holistic punch through the use of spices and herbs. It was pasta like none other, and the aromas of the sauces wafting from the pots tantalized those present! Chef Yogesh also gave this traditional Italian dish an Indian flavor and used an array of Naturel products ranging from pastas to freshly bottled sauces.

Photos as follows:

Using Naturel pasta

The rapt audience

Eat me!