Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design A Cuisine Corporate Cooking with Emerson Team

Chef Yogesh Arora strut his stuff a la holistic style yet again during a corporate event with the Emerson Team. On Tuesday (21/6/2011), Design A Cuisine got cooking with the group and whipped up some tantalising mains and side dishes like spiced potatoes, eggplant and rice. The professionals had a jolly good time as they learnt how simple healthy changes they could make in their diets for better overall health.

Design A Cuisine conducts on going cooking classes in collaboration with Palate Sensations, as well as at our place. Contact us at for information and queries. Do be sure sure to catch our holistic Indian cuisine at Royal Plaza on Scott's during 1 to 10th July 2011.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Design A Cuisine @ Omrit Awakening Centre

Design A Cuisine's Yogesh Arora conducted a holistic cooking class on Sunday (12 June 2011) with a group of energetic young professionals. The class was held at Omrit Awakening Centre (, 64A Racecourse Rd.

Chef Yogesh created a relaxed atmosphere for everyone, and was enthusiastic in imparting holistic principles. The group was also spurred on, and were hands on throughout the session. Some professionals shared that it was the first time holding a kitchen knife. Together, the team learnt and helped whip up a steaming pot of macaroni soup that was teeming with a variety of colourful vegetables! To cap the meal, Chef Yogesh taught the professionals how to create a delightful pineapple sorbet with just 3 basic ingredients! The sorbet was cool, refreshing and zesty! The session was an uplifting and experience on the whole.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cooking Class at Royal Plaza on Scott's Hotel, Singapore

Design A Cuisine will be conducting a cooking class at Royal Plaza on Scott's Hotel, Singapore during the upcoming holistic Indian food promotion (1- 10 July 2011).

Stay tuned for juicy tidbits!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Design A Cusine on Singapore TV!

As mentioned earlier, Design A Cuisine's irresistible cuisine will be showcased on Singpore TV (Mediacorp, Vasantham Channel). Vasantham Express is a Singaporean TV series. As part of the upcoming food promotion come July 1 to 10, the Vasantham Express crew and the two effervescent hosts, Guna and Gayathri made their way down to Caraousel at Royal Plaza on Scott's to sample the holistic Indian cuisine!

Chef Yogesh whipped up a delightful spread that entailed mushroom patties, spiced eggplants, mushroom and broccoli stir fry and ended it off with carrot halwa flecked with gold leaf!

Undoubtedly, it was the cuisine that was the show stealer!

Design A Cuisine with Vasantham Express crew

Hosts, Gayathri and Guna about to dig in

Chef Yogesh plates up patties with a smile!

Design A Cusine extends our heartiest gratitude to the Vasantham Express crew and Royal Plaza on Scott's to showcase our cuisine and promote our cause on eating to better health through holistic principles.

Catch Chef Yogesh in action at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scott's during July 1 to 10 2011. Also don't forget to enrol in our upcoming cooking classes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Merry Berry Series Finale: An Unlikely Berry

The banana, at the risk of seeming bananas, is a berry!

It all boils down to botany and some interesting definitions. A berry can be defined as having numerous seeds and a fleshy inner layer, and bananas have just that. Bite into the sweet flesh of any banana, and have you seen its tiny seeds at the centre?

That's not all, in the nitty-gritties of botany terminology, the banana is part of the Musaceae from which other plants branch out. Thus, the banana has relations from turmeric to cardamom, and is also referred to as a herb.

It ain't just for monkeys either! Bananas are rich in potassium that helps regulate blood pressure and may reduce the risk of stroke! In addition, potassium keeps your muscles in good shape during exercise. Go bananas, add them to fruit salads, baked desserts or oatmeal to boost nutrition!

Do take note of the upcoming Design A Cuisine cooking class series, we'll be featuring a variety of dishes and sharing some cooking techniques that will have you eating healthy in no time at all!More info can be found here:

Design A Cusine @ Royal Plaza on Scott's, July 2011

Come July 2011, brace your taste buds for some divine cuisine a la holistic style that will keep you happy and healthy. Catch Chef Yogesh and sample the much raved about holistic cuisine at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scott's. The Carousel is famed for its extensive buffets, and will be showcasing Design A Cuisine from 1 to 10 July 2011 as part of a food promotion.

Chef Yogesh also cooked to impress earlier during a media event at the Royal Plaza on Scott's!

Stay tuned for more details and pictures!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Design A Cuisine Cooking Class Series

Design A Cuisine Cooking Class Series: Health back in your hands!
Design A Cuisine presents a series of cooking classes with your busy lifestyle in mind. Chef Yogesh shows you how to whip up quick, easy meals that are high on nutrition and taste whilst spending minimal time in your kitchen.  Discover the natural healing, detoxifying, cleansing and rejuvenating effect of foods in your pantry through this simple series that will enable you to make more informed decisions about how and what you eat.
Details are as follows:

Date & Time
What classes will entail?

13th June 2011, Monday
10 am - 1 pm
5 - 8 pm
Usual Price: S$150
Promotional Price: S$80
Chef Yogesh shares with two recipes for a main and dessert that will clean out your system of toxins. He’ll be demonstrating how to make:
·         Khichdi
Whip up Indian style risotto enriched with lentils and lightly flavored with onion, garlic and cumin. It’s a great, tasty way to perk up your digestive system, facilitating the release of toxins in the body.
·         Pineapple Sorbet
This sorbet made with fresh pineapples and complemented with the slight tang of lemon. It is a light, zesty way to end any meal, and makes a refreshing treat on a summery day.

15th June 2011, Wednesday
10 am – 1pm
5 – 8 pm
Usual Price: S$150
Promotional Price: S$80
The body needs to be purged of toxins and refilled with proper nutrition.  Chef Yogesh will share another two recipes that will detoxify and uplift your body. He’ll be demonstrating how to make:
·         Pasta Soup
This dish is a healthy twist where pasta is cooked in a fresh vegetable broth and laced with basil. 

·         Spiced Apples
Innovate how you eat fruit with apples spiced with ginger, and finished off with the tartness of lemon.

17th June 2011, Wednesday
10 am – 1pm
5 – 8 pm
Usual Price: S$150
Promotional Price: S$80

A lesser known nugget: Soy nugget
Chef Yogesh Arora introduces you to the lesser known, yet nutritiously significant, nugget, the soy nugget! They are a vegetarian alternative to meat, and highly versatile. Learn how to enhance its natural goodness with a snack and rice dish.
·         Soy Delight
These delightful chewy morsels make a great snack or side dish. Soy nuggets are marinated in spices, and then shallow fried.
·         Soya Nugget Pulao
 Soy nuggets are simmered together with lightly spiced rice making it an economical and time effective meal.
·         Chilled banana compote
Dessert got better for you. Bananas are cooked in butter into a creamy compote that’s chilled.
20th June 2011, Wednesday
10 am – 1pm
5 – 8 pm
Usual Price: S$150
Promotional Price: S$80
One Ingredient Wonder: The Black Chickpea
The black chickpea is hardly pea sized in terms of its nutritional benefits. It is a powerhouse of protein, fiber and minerals! Chef Yogesh will show you three simple dishes using the black chickpea that will boost your diet greatly.
·         Black Chickpea Soup
This heartening soup makes a great appetizer or light meal when served with rice or bread. It is a great digestive with excellent cleansing properties that rejuvenates the system
·         Black Chickpea Chat
Traditional Indian street food with a healthier boost! Black chickpeas are tossed in a combination of digestive spices that make a great TV snack when eaten with crackers or can be served as a side dish.
·         Black Chickpea Pulao
Fragrant basmati rice is simmered with black chickpeas. This combination of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals make it an enriched meal in itself.
22nd June 2011, Wednesday
10 am – 1pm
5 – 8 pm
Usual Price: S$150
Promotional Price: S$80
Homemade Chutneys
 Learn to make a triad of chutneys using an array of fresh produce. They’ll complement just about anything from sandwiches to rice dishes, aid digestion.
·         Mango and ginger chutney
This sweet and sour chutney is one of kind with succulent pieces of mango cooked in ginger, then flecked with crunchy sliced almonds.
·         Papaya chutney
 Tangy chutney made of unripe papayas with a combination of onion seed and spices.
·         Mint, Coriander & Basil chutney
Mint, coriander and basil cooked with an unripe mango to make this zesty chutney that will refresh your taste buds.  It goes great on sandwiches.

Design A Cuisine
64A Racecourse Rd, Singapore 218561

To make reservations, email or
You are invited to empower yourself to consume on an enlightened level through Design A Cuisine’s holistic principles, interesting recipes and cooking techniques that make the best of natural produce, appropriate herbs to perk up your body and tantalize your taste buds – truly a zesty experience for mind, body and soul.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Merry Berry Series: Eat your blackberry instead!

The blackberry resembles morsels of caviar, but there's nothing fishy about its nutritional benefits!

The berries were used for their healing benefits way back during the time of the Ancient Greeks who prescribed it for gout.

 Did you know that blackberries have high tannin content that helps tighten tissues and may aid the relief of diarrhoea! Tannins may also have anti tumour properties.

It's also a rich source of Vit C, E and ellagic cid; all of which are reported to have the ability to combat cancer!
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